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Roxane & Dara Co. began business operations in 2002 and became the exclusive representative of Brazil’s GELITA, the largest manufacturer of gelatin in the world, and Cafosa, the leading producer of gum base.

With the expansion of Roxane & Dara, the company made its foray into goods production, paving the way for acquiring exclusive rights to manufacture Icey Monkey drinks. In line with this policy, they began to expand the range of products and started manufacturing Edge, a carbonated energy drink under the license of Icey Monkey.


Edge Carbonated Energy Drink

Edge Energy Drink was first produced and distributed in October 2019 and held its first event called Snow Kicker in Darbandsar ski resort. Edge strives to provide its customers with more energy, satisfaction and interaction that the competition. Edge Energy Drink is manufactured under the license of Icey Monkey, an all-natural product enriched with ginseng.

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